Horse Unit I

Horse Unit 1

Horse Unit I

Horse Unit I is the main equine facility. It has 58 stalls, a club room, tack rooms, a stallion collection area, lighted outdoor arena and training areas. The Department of Animal Science maintains a herd of 85 horses for teaching, lessons, research and special programs. 

UConn's light horse program began in 1931, when Professor Upson Garrigus leased three mares and a stallion from the government breeding farm in Vermont, where US Cavalry horses were bred. When the Vermont farm closed 1951, the herd was divided among several universities in the Northeast, including UConn. Most of UConn's famous Morgans are direct descendants of US Calvary horses.

UConn's horse breeding program centers around the Morgans, but other breeds are represented. Each year, about five foals are born. Students help deliver the foals and raise and train them. They’re incorporated into the breeding or riding programs.

UConn's Riding program provides lessons in huntseat, saddleseat, dressage, stockseat and polo. The horses are also used in student team activities, including the drill, equitation, eventing, horse judging, show and polo teams.

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