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We hope you enjoy your time here. We’d like to remind you that Horsebarn Hill is part of an active farm. Farm animals graze in the enclosed pastures, and crops grown in the open fields are an important part of the horses’ and cattle’s staple diets throughout the year. This area is also home to a wide variety of wildlife species. As stewards of this land, we work hard to manage it in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner. You can help us achieve our management goals by taking your trash with you when you leave and by parking only in established parking areas. Dog must be on leash at all times. With the exception of farm equipment used to prepare the fields and plant and harvest the crops, driving in the fields is prohibited.

Did you know that the Kellogg Dairy Center is home to one of the nation’s top dairy herds?

In the spring of 2018, UConn became one of the first universities to install a new robotic voluntary milking system.

While you’re here, enjoy a hike in the UConn Forest. Here’s a map.


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  1. Aug 18 Tri-State SARE Virtual Field Workshop - Silvopasturing at UMass9:00am
  2. Oct 24 UConn 4-H Goat Day8:00am
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