UConn Forest Trailhead

UConn Forest trailhead

UConn Forest

The woodlands at the edge of the pastures and cropfields on Horsebarn Hill are part of the UConn Forest. The forest is managed by faculty and students in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment and UConn Extension and is used for teaching, research and outreach education in forestry and wildlife. Forestry has been taught at UConn for more than a hundred years. The first woman forestry graduate earned her degree here.

The UConn Forest consists of about 2100 acres in several parcels in Mansfield, South Willington and Coventry. It has a diverse mix of forest types and habitats, including grassy meadows, mixed oak and hickory forests of 80-100 years old, and stands of white pine. It is home to most of Connecticut's native wildlife species, including mammals like white tail deer, coyotes, foxes, bobcats and fishers and migratory songbirds like wood thrush and scarlet tanager. Hunting is prohibited in the UConn Forest.

Faculty, staff and students have created demonstration areas that function as outdoor classrooms, including a maple sugar bush that's tapped for maple syrup production and white pine timber management stands. The UConn Forest is also an outdoor lab for scientists studying forestry and wildlife.

The UConn Forest is actively managed to sustain its diversity of wildlife and habitats; generate income from timber management; and provide passive recreation opportunities for UConn students, employees and local residents.

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